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Keeping in mind “Learning through motivation will enhance the students’ potentiality”, the institution has floored a number of scholarship, awards and supportive environment. Achievement is an outcome of commitment, dedication and devotion and is judged in every foot step. As a result, the college was able to make the best performance and keep the reputation up. This will be a source of inspiration to all.
After I joined Madan Bhandari Memorial College, I felt what a college should look like. In this important phase of my academic carrer, the college floored me golden opportunities to flourish my talent. Due to its friendly and cooperative environment I felt as if I was at my own home .
All the good qualities I have within me are the outputs of the teachers and administrative staff of MBM College.
Sakar Gajurel
Education Faculty Topper of HSEB Exam (2061/2062)

I’m very proud of being a part of Madan Bhandari Memorial College, the producer of HSEB toppers in Humanities and Education faculty in the academic year 061/062. This has revealed MBM’s ability and strength to produce quality manpower for future Nepal. Amidst a number of colleges MBM has been successful to keep its identity and recognition.
In my success, MBM has played a vital role. During two years in the course of my +2 level studies, MBM not only taught us the text books but also educated us in real sense by making us acquainted with other dimensions of education.
The best aspect of this college is that it’s a non profit trust based institution which doesn’t hesitate to co-operate, lead the poor and intelligent students’ studies ahead. MBM is the best platform because schemes like full scholarship and freeship offered by the college helped me as well as other deserving students to pursue the academic degree.
Sundar Tamang
Humanities Faculty Topper HSEB Exam (2061/2062)

As we know, Madan Bhandari Memorial College has become successful in fulfilling the dreams and wishes of thousands of students from almost all the parts of the country. It is all because of quality education imparted at an affordable cost, consideration and implementation of comments, suggestions, feedback from students, teachers and guardians. Moreover, the college has experienced, qualified and friendly teachers. Scholarship, freeship, efficient management, peaceful educational environment and extra-curricular activities are additional motivating assets of MBM.
In my opinion, college should go on its own way, serve and contribute the nation through educational empowerment with its full potential.
Rabindra Raj Thapa
MBMC Topper - 2062
BBS 1st Year - MBM College

Being a part of ‘Madan Bhandari Memorial College’ is a subject of pride for me. It has been providing various opportunities, facilities and is involved in encouraging the inner potentialities of the students. Besides quality education, fostering skill, confidence and personality development in a student are the major goals of this college. I can proudly say that MBMC has been able to achieve these goals. The college has tremendous record of nourishing and enriching the students mentally, physically, academically and culturally.
Manita Khanal
MBM Gold Medalist - 2061 (Among Girls)
BBS 2nd Year- MBM College

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