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Madan Bhandari Memorial College, a well-known institution named after the People’s Leader Madan Kumar Bhandari (27June 1952 – 16 May 1993) who died in a mysterious road accident, was instituted for genuine service to the people and the nation. For his rhetorical skills to voice the rational truth, speciality of political ideals,  charismatic quality of leadership,  moral uprightness, struggle to uplift life of common people, Madan Bhandari has been recently decorated with the highest state honour—Nepal Ratna, after demise. To commemorate such a magnetic leader, this trust-based community college aims to educate students in a spirit of true service.

The “excellence” in all aspects is the key feature of the college. The college has established many amenities for the students to explore their potentialities.  The college building stands in four ropanis of land and contains a number of well-furnished classrooms, labs, auditoriums and office spaces. We have established a college FM station (93.5 MHz) for the real journalistic practice for students. The MBM graduates also have proven their skills by winning gold medals at the university and higher secondary level examinations.

The students willing to join here will have prosperous and lucrative careers. This year, with generous scholarships from Chinese government, the college has recommended sending six science graduates to study medicine and engineering in China.  As there has been formal agreement between Chinese government and Madan Bhandari Foundation, such scholarships are likely to extend to Management, Humanities and other subjects. In this regard, the college has become the centre of opportunities for students, faculties and staff.

The college also carries great potentiality to grow into greater institution. With the help of government, non-governmental agencies, social workers and prominent educationists, the institution is being upgraded into a reputed university of science and technology. Most probably this will happen in this year—2073. The proposed university shall focus on imparting knowledge in science and technology in particular, but will also allow courses in Humanities and Management.


Damber Bahadur Hamal
Campus Chief

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