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Message from the Chairperson

Since its establishment in 2001, Madan Bhandari Memorial College, a not-for-profit academic institution, has been strongly devoted to materialize and translate its banner slogan “Excellence in Leadership for Transformation” into the multifarious development of our students. In addition to its prime focus on the academic excellence, the college also encourages the students to participate in co-curricular activities like cultural, educational and sporting events to explore and develop their skills in multiple areas.

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Message from the Campus Chief

Madan Bhandari Memorial College, a well-known institution named after the People’s Leader Madan Kumar Bhandari (27June 1952 – 16 May 1993) who died in a mysterious road accident, was instituted for genuine service to the people and the nation. For his rhetorical skills to voice the rational truth, speciality of political ideals,  charismatic quality of leadership,  moral uprightness, struggle to uplift life of common people, Madan Bhandari has been recently decorated with the highest state honour—Nepal Ratna, after demise. To commemorate such a magnetic leader, this trust-based community college aims to educate students in a spirit of true service.

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Message from the Prominent Member of Management Committee

In this age of globalization and commercialization, a majority of academic institutions are run with motives of earning profits. In this state of affairs, the role of community colleges remains important to impart quality education at a cheaper price. In this regard, MBM College has been playing a crucial role in imparting quality education by running a range of academic programs from +2 Level to Master's Level. As a member of the Management Committee, I would like to see the continuity of its academic quality, institutional growth, and the fulfillment of its mission and vision.

Prof. Chiranjeebi Sharma

College Management Committee



Pokhara University

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