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MBMC   Sun, 18 Oct 2020

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Notice for Online Class 2077

MBMC   Thu, 01 Oct 2020

MA English 1st Semester Internal Examination 2077


It is to notify all students and teaching faculty that the college will conduct internal examination of M.A. First Semester (English) from Asoj 4, 2077 (20th September, 2020). Read the following instructions:

ü  Open- Book Online-Examination

ü  You may write in your loose-sheets of paper or type in MS words.

ü  Take snap-shots of the answer sheets by your mobile.

ü  Mail the answers to info@mbmc.edu.np within 30 minutes after the allotted time for examination.

ü  You may consult any resources but plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

ü  Classes will be adjourned during the examination, from Asoj 2 to Asoj 14.

Schedule:    Time: 7 am to 9 am (Mail submission by 9:30 am)

Asoj 4: ENGL 555.1 Themes and Trends in Fiction

Asoj 6: ENGL 554.1 Ideas and Themes in Poetry

Asoj 8: ENGL 551.1 Foundation of Literary Studies

Asoj 11: ENGL 552 Academic Writing

Asoj 13: ENGL 553 Literary Criticism



1.      Submit your term papers before Asoj 30, 2077 (October 16, 2020)

2.      The college does not have any provision of re-examination.

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