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Dashain Vacation 2078

MBMC   Tue, 05 Oct 2021

Mid-Term Examination of BBM 3rd Semester 2078

11 Asoj 2078





The Mid Term Examinations 2078 of BBM third semester are going to be held according to the following schedule:


Exam Time: 11:00 AM to 1.00 PM                                                                  Full Marks: 40 (Pass Marks: 24)

                                                                                                                                                  Internal Marks: 8


Level/ Day

2078-06-15, Friday

2078-06-17, Sunday

2078-06-18, Monday

2078-06-19, Tuesday

2078-06-20, Wednesday

BBM Third Semester

ACC 312 Computer Based Financial Accounting

STT 311 Business Statistics

ENG 313 Business Communication

FIN 311 Basic Finance

SOC 312 Nepalese Society and Politics

Email address








·         Questions of exam will send via email (provided by college) at the time of exam commence or will be posted in MS Team exam classroom along with assignment will be activated on the designated time to submit answer sheet. Confirm your email and MS Team is working properly before exam.

·         Write Level, Semester, Subject Code, Subject Name, Date, and your College code number at the top of the first page and code number as well as a page number on every other pages.

·         The subject of your email or pdf needs to be [College_Code_no]_[subject_code].

·         Exam time will be Two hours and 15 minutes extra for submission in email or assignment.

·         Students should submit the pdf version (Download and use CS scanner app before exam) of their written answer sheet (A4 size or standard exam size paper and must leave one inch margin all sides) within 15 minutes after the completion of their written examination through email or assignment of respective faculty member as mentioned above.

·         Student should submit the written answer sheets (physically) of every subject to the department as and when demanded so keep it safe.

·         Marks of this exam will also be considered in internal marks of University.

·         Students must be visible on demand during exam in MS teams.

·         Prepare alternative back up for internet and other essential things during exam. There are no excuses for exam so make proper arrangement accordingly.



Damber Bahadur Hamal

Campus Chief

Updated at: 2021-09-28 03:13:52