About Us

Madan Bhandari Memorial College, a non-profit making community institution, was established in 2001 to impart quality education at an affordable cost. The college offers a wide range of academic courses in XI, XII, BA, BBS, BBM, BCA, BScCSIT, and Master’s Degree courses in Sociology, Journalism, and English. Since its inception, the college has achieved remarkable success in terms of quality education and infrastructural development. It has received generous help from many individuals and institutions for the enhancement of quality education and the development of infrastructural facilities. It is managed by a dedicated team of educationists, academics, and social workers.



Excellence in Leadership for Transformation

As one of the best colleges in Kathmandu, Madan Bhandari Memorial College is committed to quality education. The college has revised its vision statement after a decade. The previous vision statement was “Excellence is our Motto.”  Now it is “Excellence in Leadership for Transformation” implying the commitment to produce excellent workforce that capable not only to compete in the job market but to lead wherever they intend to work. High quality teaching learning environment is a must for this to materialize.  The transformation is a catchword implying positive material and intellectual changes for the betterment of humanity; the leadership is an all-inclusive term referring to the inspiring quality in a person to lead the human civilization ahead the excellence implies the cultivation of good qualities in high degrees. Thus, the college aims to produce high quality workforce capable of leading all professional and amateur sectors, thereby bringing about noticeable progressive changes for the humanity and nation.



Our mission is to provide quality education at cheaper price to the students of all strata of society. Education for all is our slogan. We intend to serve nation and people by producing highly skilled, disciplined academic workforce that is capable of serving people and contribute to the national and international communities and the humanity at large.

Our way of fulfilling our mission is to create learning ambience in formal and informal settings; that is, in classroom and outside classroom like common areas, labs, cafeterias, libraries, online, on field trips, and so on.



Student-Centred – Our all activities focus on the betterment of our students whether they current or previous ones.

Excellence – The college is committed to outstanding services, academic programs and teaching.

Innovation - We anticipate and respond to emerging trends to meet the evolving needs of our local, national and global communities.

Respect - We uphold the highest ethical and moral standards, and affirm and protect the rights, dignity, and integrity of each member of our diverse community.

Inclusion - We cultivate a working and learning environment where diversity is recognized as essential to our success.

Sustainability - We preserve our collective future by embracing the social, ecological, and economic impact of our decisions and pedagogical activities.



Main objectives of college are as follows:

  • make modern and scientific education accessible to the marginalized and disadvantaged groups and communities
  • make higher education more practicable, scientific and innovative
  • promote and preserve nation, nationality, sovereignty and democracy
  • prepare disciplined, creative and ideal citizens by imparting quality education
  • enhance students' physical, mental and intellectual potentials through education, provide them with a forum to enhance their talents
  • impart education that promotes the Nepalese art and culture
  • make the staff, faculties, and students participate in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the college


Strategic Plan

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