MA in Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) at MBM College


The Master's Degree is a TU-affiliate, 4-semester, two-year, 60 credit-hours, and twenty-subject course. Each subject has 100 full marks with 60 percent external and 40 percent internal evaluation. Journalism and Mass Communication has a wider job market for Master's Degree graduates. There are more than 3000 licensed FM radio stations across the country, and nearly 200 televisions have got the broadcasting license. Likewise, nearly 1700 online portals have been registered and more than 900 newspapers and periodicals publish regularly. This is an encouraging scenario of the Nepali media industry where there is a high demand for highly skillful journalism graduates. Besides this, the field of Public Relations and Advertisement are also lucrative areas for journalism graduates.


Admission Criteria

Student who wishes to get enrolled in the program will be required to sit for entrance examination as prescribed by the University. The applicant should have at least Bachelor's degree with major in Journalism/Mass communications. A group of 40 students will be taken in for each semester program. Each practical class will consist of a maximum of 20 students.


Total Credit Hours and Teaching Hours

The program comprises regular 60 credit hours. The program is divided into four semesters, each of 15 credit hours. One credit hour carries 16 teaching.


Provision of Attendance

Each student is required to attend 80 per cent of total classes held for each course of study in order to become eligible for appearing in the final exams.


Our Efforts

MBM College, a community college, is a well known educational institution dedicated to quality education and social service. The young dynamic, result-oriented faculties, with proper instructions and guidance of senior and experienced scholars have been involving in the college.

BA in journalism and Mass Communication is one of the successful programs of this college. Its products have now been shouldering journalistic responsibilities in reputed media houses including BBC. Similarly, they have been performing well in the fields of media research and media education. These achievements inspired us to launch Master's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. The College possesses a Radio Station named Radio Shweta Shardul 93.6 MHz, a college-based community radio, which can be heard on 93.5 MHZ in  and around Kathmandu. This radio has become a platform for students who want to sharpen their knowledge and skills in the field of radio broadcasting. A good number of students are now producing radio programs which have been going on air.


MBM College is providing Journalism and Mass Communication students with plenty of platforms. Communication study center (CSC), an academic wing of MBM College, is very much dedicated to such activities that explore the potentials of the students. For the last five years, CSC has been facilitating Journalism and Mass Communication students to equip them with knowledge and skills. It organizes different events such as interaction programs with media experts, film screening, news-writing competition etc. In the same sequence, the serial publications such as MBM Media News Letter, MBM Anthology and Wall Papers come under regular activities of CSC. The main aim of CSC is to provide opportunities to the students, which helps them to be saleable in the market.

MA JMC Syllabus

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