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MA in Sociology at MBM College


Sociology has been established as a prominent discipline in most of the universities of the world and attracting a large number of students as well.  The scope of sociology is widening day by day with the increasing complexity of society, so, it is growing fast as a popular discipline. Sociology covers all facets of society and social life. It concerned with the study of origin and evolution of human society, culture, and social institutions and use scientific methods to find empirical answers to complex social questions.


Studying MA in Sociology fosters creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and analytic problem solving and communication skills. The course enhances the capability of an individual to see the world through the lens of different theoretical perspectives. The 4-semester, 60 credit-hour course aims to enhance students' knowledge, skill and ability extensively and deeply. 



The objective of these courses is to impart up-to-date knowledge of the theories and methods of sociology to the students along with training in field-work and secondary data analysis. The second objective is to provide skilled human resource for Nepal development needs. The third objective is to inculcate in the students the spirit of human rights and social justice. Thus the overall objective is to develop professional skill, in both theory and research, in sociology in the students of this discipline at a par with those of other countries.


Duration of the Course and Examinations

The duration of the course is of two years with four semesters. There is an university examination, in each six months, at the end of each semester. Eighty percent of the attendance in the class is compulsory.


Admission Criteria

A student holding Bachelor's Degree in any discipline recognized by the TU is considered eligible for admission. An applicant seeking admission to MA Sociology must appear in the Entrance Examination conducted by Tribhuvan University and obtain minimum qualifying marks.



Evaluation will be on the basis of 40 percent internal and 60 percent external. Forty percent internal evaluation will be done by the department/faculty on the basis of the following criteria:

·         Class attendance 10 marks

·         Class participation, discussion and presentation with précis 10 marks

·         Term paper writing 10 marks

·         Class test (writing) 10 marks

The 60 percent external evaluation will be done by the Dean’s office on the basis of final written examination. However, in case of practical courses 60 percent external will also be done practically in computer lab.


Our Scheme

In order to make sociology a more practical and applied social science, we have a policy of organizing seminars, workshop, interactions, skill development through field work etc. which are prerequisites to the professional development of the students. Internet facility is the key to study. We assure you to provide it in order to build up your career.


MA Sociology Syllabus

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