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Established in 2058 Madan Bhandari Memorial College has been running Science, Management, Humanities in +2 Level; BA, BBS, BScCSIT in Bachelor's level and in Masters Level English, Journalism and Sociology Anthropology programs with a total of 984 students respectively. The college has initiated to run BCA program under Tribhuvan University in 2075 to floor the opportunity to students in various IT sectors.



Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) is an eight semesters (four years) course under the faculty of humanities and Social Sciences of Tribhuvan University and is launched to produce high quality computer application users and developers.


Mission, Vision

The main objective of the program is to produce high quality computer application users and developers breezing the gap between students and the industry.


Existing Scenario

After TU provided its affiliation to more than 125 colleges to conduct BCA across the country, MBM College has initiated to run the program in 2075 with 15 students. The college has facilitated the BCA program with a separate classroom with a large TV screen to enhance teaching learning activities. Similarly a separate department office is stationed for the proper functioning of the program. It has well equipped computer lab along with number of digital kit and oscillator.

Regular classes of BCA starts at 7am and ends at 12:10pm from Monday to Friday. It runs five classes per day. Currently teachers use TV screen as well as multimedia projector to teach students. For comfortable seating arrangement individual chair system with capacity of 21 students has been arranged. There is a CCTV surveillance system with two ceiling fan in the classroom.

The course has a separate grading system and at the graduation of the course the students will earn 126 credit. In each semester there will be two internal exams conducted by the college and finally a board exam by TU. The students need to submit assigned assessment of every subject in every week or assigned deadline which follow the evaluation process. To explore the external opportunity and learning, a BCA club has been formed.  The club organizes various activities like guest lecture, workshop, company visit, training targeting to the BCA students with the coordination of program coordinator. In every semester the club also publishes a BCA Newsletter in the supervision of program coordinator. In future, the club will be also having other clubs like Software club, hardware club, Networking club, career club, Fellowship club, Publication club, Social Service club etc. sharing the umbrella of BCA club.

The college follow the academic calendar that will be prepared and circulated before commencing the classes of the particular semester.



The college follows formal guideline provided by the Dean's office for admission process. As per the guideline the entry requirement for students in Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA), students are required to have Intermediate level or Higher Secondary level (10+2) or equivalent degree in any discipline from a recognized institution with at least second division (45%) marks. Besides the basic academic requirement, an entrance examination will be conducted for all applicants by the Dean's office. The college will also hold interviews for the candidates before their final selection for admission. The college provides regular career counselling to the students and parents at the time of admission.



The college offer ample number of scholarship to the deserving students. Scholarship is provided at the time of admission as well as in the study period.


Class Function

The college follows the academic calendar provided by the Dean's office, Tribhuvan University. Classes run from Monday to Friday from 6:55am to 12:10pm with the prescribed routine. The first class runs for an hour and the rest are 55 minutes long adjoining 30 minutes break. Students will be called for other co-curricular activities on Sunday, in which they have to be present compulsorily.


Grading System

The grade marks awarded to a student in course is based on his/her consolidated performance in sessional and final examinations. The letter graded in any particular subject is an indication of student's relative performance in that course. The pattern of grading in BCA degree is as follows



Grade Point Description






























Work satisfying minimum requirement for credits





The college always welcome the valuable feedback and suggestions from patents and students. We are sure Madan Bhandari Memorial College is one of the Best Colleges for BCA students which floors the excellent education environment and is committed to the better future of the students. BCA course description can be downloaded from the below link:

BCA Syllabus



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