Call for Article, Date Extend Notice 2081

Date: 2081/01/06




Editorial Board of 'Shweta Shardul, Vol. XX' has extended Write-ups submission date till 2081-01-14, Friday considering the overwhelming requests come from both faculty and students for their write-ups are in work-in-progress. We request writers to register their name to Editorial Board within the deadline whose write-ups are in work-in-progress.


This is another chance to showcase your creativity in published form which makes your write-ups alive for lifetime.


So, let's write.


Specified Standards:

  1. Write-ups will be prioritized based on academic, national, and local cultural themes and vibes (such as research articles, term papers, poems, IQ tests, travelogues, field visits, etc.).
  2. Write-ups should not exceed 3000 words, incorporating recent developments, and must follow the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of APA.
  3. We provide space for both Nepali and English languages, as well as vernacular tongues.
  4. The authors need to attach their photographs along with their designation, department, and faculty.
  5. The Editorial Board reserves all rights to reject or make necessary changes to the write-ups without altering the writer's intent.


Please feel free to contact the concerning School, Department, or the Editorial Board in case of any queries and submit your write-ups via email to




Prajwal Man Shrestha

Assistant Campus Chief (Academic)



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