Extended Deadline for Article Submission (Contribute to ProD Journal - Edition II)

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings for the year ahead! We value your interest in research, and are reaching out to you with news about the upcoming edition of the Journal of Productive Discourse (ProD), which aims to serve as a platform for insightful research, diverse perspectives, and meaningful discourse.

We are inviting contributions for ProD-II under a general theme, A Tenable Tomorrow, on a range of topics from liberal arts, sciences and management. We are particularly interested in pieces that bring fresh insights, innovative ideas, and diverse perspectives.

Here's why you should consider contributing:

Prominence: Your work will be featured in a reputed journal known for its commitment to quality research.

Visibility: Gain visibility among a global audience of researchers, academics, and professionals.

Contribution to Discourse: Contribute to meaningful conversations on sustainability and envisioning a tenable tomorrow.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Manuscripts must adhere to APA format and be between 5 to 20 pages (3000 to 8000 words), excluding references.
  • Submissions will be rigorously reviewed for quality and originality.
  • The submission deadline is 27th February 2024 (15th Falgun 2080 BS) and we encourage early submissions.

ProD Journal now has its secretariat at the Research Management Cell of Madan Bhandari Memorial College, MBMC, which is dedicated to ensuring a smoother submission and review process.

To learn more about the suggested themes, guidelines, and submission process, please visit the journal website Call for Papers for ProD-II.docx (mbmc.edu.np). Should you have any questions or require further clarification, feel free to reach out to us at prod@mbmc.edu.np.

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions.

Thank you for being a part of our ProD community.


Warm regards,

Pramod Raj Upadhyay, Ph. D.

Managing Editor,

ProD Journal

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