First Term Exam of BA and BBS First Year (2080 Batch), BA and BBS Second Year (2079 Batch)

Date: 2080/12/09



This is to notify to all the students that First Term Examination of BA and BBS First Year (2080 Batch), BA and BBS Second Year (2079 Batch) is going to be conducted according to the following schedule.


Exam Time: 7.00 – 10.00 AM

Date/ Level








BA First Year

Compulsory English

(CEng 401)

Introduction to Sociology

(So 421)


Introduction to Social Work

(SW 421)

Introduction to Mass Media and Communication

(JMC 421)

Reading, Writing, and Thinking

(Engl 421)

Dynamics of Nepali Society

(So 422)

Basic Sociology for Social Work

(SW 422)

Principles and Practices of Journalism

(JMC 422)

History of English Literature and Criticism 

(Engl 422)

BBS First Year

Financial Accounting and Analysis

(MGT 211)

Business English

(MGT 201)

Microeconomics for Business

(MGT 207)

Business Statistics

(MGT 202)

Principles of Management

(MGT 213)



BA Second Year

Compulsory Nepali

(CNep 402)

Sociological Theories

(So 423)


Basic Psychology for Social Work

(SW 423)

Media History, Law and Ethics

(JMC 423)

Prose: Essays and Short Stories

(Engl 423)

Research Methods in Sociology

(So 424)


Social Case Work and Group Work

(SW 424A & 424B)

Basics of Media Research

(JMC 424)

Reading and Responding to Poetry

(Engl 424)

BBS Second Year

Cost and Management Accounting

(MGT 212)

Business Communication

(MGT 205)

Fundamentals of Financial Management

(MGT 215)

Macroeconomics for Business

(MGT 209)

Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management

(MGT 223)






Dr. Babu Ram Adhikari

Campus Chief

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