Mid-Term Exam of BA, BBS Third Year and Pre-Board Exam of BA, BBS Fourth Year 2080

Date: 2081/02/01



This is to notify to all the students that Mid-Term Examination of BA, BBS Third Year (2077 Batch) and Pre-Board Examination of BA, BBS Fourth Year (2076 Batch) is going to be conducted according to the following schedule.


Exam Time: 7.00-10.00 AM

Date/ Level








BA Third Year

Reading and Writing Across the Disciplines (CEng 403)

Social Diversity and Inequality

(So 425)


Community Organization

(SW 425A)

Introduction to Public Relations and Advertising

(JMC 425)

Visual Arts

(Engl 425)

Gender, Patriarchy and Feminism Conceptual Clarity

(GS 410)


Development Practices

(RDS 410)

BBS Third Year

Business Law

(MGT 204)

Fundamentals of Marketing

(MGT 214)

Business Environment and Strategy

(MGT 217)


Foundation of Financial Systems

(MGT 226)


Taxation in Nepal

(MGT 224)









BA Fourth Year

Nepal Addhyan

(NPS 404)

Sociology of Development and Democracy

(So 426)


Research Methods in Social Work

(SW 426)

Radio Journalism

(JMC 426C)

Drama and Novel 

(Engl 426)

Academic Research and Writing

(So 427)


Indigenous Social Work Practice of Nepal

(SW 427)

Journalistic Writing

(JMC 427)

Research and Writing

(Engl 427)

BBS Fourth Year

Management of Financial Institutions

(FIN 255)


Fundamentals of Services Marketing

(MKT 254)

Business Research Methods

(MGT 221)

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 

(FIN 250)


Fundamentals of Selling

(MKT 250)


Fundamentals of Investment

(FIN 253)


Fundamentals of Advertising 

(MKT 253)



(MGT 225)



Dr. Babu Ram Adhikari

Campus Chief

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