Mid-Term Exam of BCA & BScCSIT First Semester and Pre-Board Exam of BCA Fifth & Seventh Semester 2080

Date: 2080/11/11



This is to notify to all the students that Mid-Term Examination of BCA & BScCSIT First Semester and Pre-Board Examination of BCA Fifth & Seventh Semesters are going to be conducted according to the following schedule.

Exam Time: 7.00 – 10.00 AM







BCA First Semester

(2080 Batch)

CAEN 103 English I

CACS 105 Digital Logic

CASO 102 Society and Technology

CAMT 104 Mathematics I

CACS 101 Computer Fundamentals and Application

BCA Fifth Semester

(2077 Batch)

CACS 301 MIS and e-Business

CACS 302 Dot Net Technology

CACS 303 Computer Networking

CAMG 304 Introduction to Management

CACS 305 Computer Graphics and Animation

BCA Seventh Semester

(2076 Batch)

CACS 410 Artificial Intelligence

CACS 402 Cloud Computing

CACS 409 E-Governance

CACS 401 Cyber Law and Professional Ethics


BScCSIT First Semester

(2080 Batch)

CSC 115 C Programming

CSC 114 Introduction to Information Technology

CSC 116 Digital Logic

MTH 117 Mathematics I

PHY 118 Physics


Important Notes:

  • The arrival time is 15 minutes before commencement of exam. Students will not be considered in exam after 15 minutes of commencement time.
  • Mobile, Laptop, Programming Calculator, any electronic devises or any type of reading materials are strictly prohibited in exam.
  • Students must bring their belongings (like pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser, calculator, ruler or any things) by themselves. It is strictly prohibited to use other's belongings during exam.
  • Student must attend exam with mask, sanitizer, own water bottle and other necessary things to maintain health standard.
  • Everyone is responsible to create the exam environment peaceful. Students can make attention to invigilator just by standing up to request anything they require such as additional answer sheets, water, short leave, depart from exam etc.
  • Students cannot leave exam hall in first hour. Students may take short leave for maximum five minutes from second hour of exam. Students cannot take short leave at the last 15 minutes of exam time. 
  • Students must attempt all question's answer. Students cannot leave exam hall before two third of total exam time. (i.e. 1 hour 20 minutes for 2 hours exam and 2 hours for 3 hours exam)
  • The fund generated from absent and re-exam fine will used in student welfare in different heading.
  • The marks of exam will be carried forward to internal marks of university.
  • Any breach of exam rules and regulations will be treated as indiscipline action.
  • Students must attain in exam with their identity card.
  • Students must appear in college dress throughout the exam.


Dr. Babu Ram Adhikari

Campus Chief

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