Mid-Term Examination of MA English, JMC and, Sociology First Semester (2080 Batch)

Date: 2081/03/17



This is to notify to all the students that Mid-Term Examinations of MA English, JMC and Sociology First Semester is going to be conducted according to the following schedule. Students should pay all dues before the exam.


Full Marks: 30

Exam Time: 7.00-9.00 AM







MA English First Semester

Engl 551.1 Foundation of Literary Studies

Engl 552 Academic Writing I

Engl 553 Literary Criticism

Engl 554.1 Ideas and Themes in Poetry

Engl 555.1 Themes and Trends in Fiction

MA JMC First Semester

JMC 551 Introduction to Mass Communication Theory

JMC 552 Advanced Reporting

JMC 553 Advanced Editing

JMC 554 Broadcasting Journalism and Media

JMC 555 History and Growth of Mass Media

MA Sociology First Semester

So 561 Introduction to Sociology

So 562 Qualitative Research Methods in Sociology

So 563 Structural Functional Approach

So 564 Caste and Class

So 565 Theories of Social Change and Development





Dr. Baburam Adhikari

Campus Chief

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