Psychosocial Counseling Session 2081

Date: 2081/01/04


Psychosocial counseling is a therapy to an individual who is seeking to overcome social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties in the journey of their career through a professional counselor.

Regarding its significance, Student Counseling and Employment Management Information Cell is going to organize 'Psychosocial Counseling Session' starting from Baisakh 2081 BS every week on regular basis as undermentioned.

We have promoted our own faculty members Ms. Sabita Lohani and Ms. Swopnil Devkota as our counselors for this session.

The objective behind this session is to empower students on their career success by addressing psychological and social turbulences they face during the time of study

We encourage students to register name through the college website at "Student Menu" as per your suitable time based on below mentioned schedule. Moreover, we request our faculty members and staff to recommend needy student's name to the cell for counseling on their career development.


SNCounselor NameDateTimeRemarks
1Sabita LohaniEvery fortnight Monday2:30-3:30 pmStarting from 2081-01-10 Monday
2Swopnil DevkotaEvery fortnight Sunday7:45-8:45 amStarting from 2081-01-16 Sunday



Prajwal Man Shrestha

Assistant Campus Chief (Academic)



Student Counseling and Employment Management Information Cell

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